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Living in the heart of Northumberland, we are lucky enough to be surrounding by some of the finest Stillwaters in the UK. All of the venues are easily accessible and stocked with superb trout, waiting to put that bend in your rod!

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Thrunton Long Crag Trout Fishery

Thrunton Long Crag fishery is owned by Chris and Jill Blythe on the site of a former brickworks quarry at Thrunton in Northumberland. Many years of research and planning were devoted to the project in an effort to create one of the finest Stillwater fly fisheries in the region.
Previously voted the 19th Top Stillwater in the UK, Thrunton Long Crag presents a wonderfully scenic location to test your skills with some superb rainbow, blue, brown and tiger trout. Stocking policy is carefully monitored to create the optimum levels of challenge and fish quality.
Thrunton's purpose built fishing lodge provides the ideal place to enjoy the scenery and a hot drink while discussing tactics and results with fellow anglers.

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